Favorite pinks

Karl Lagerfeld once said ”think pink, but don’t wear it”. I can somewhat agree with that since i don’t think pink is a very flattering color, but i still can’t live my life without it!!


Pink is one of those colors that i’m quite torn between, on one hand it’s a beautiful and fun color that i love having around me, but on the other hand i just don’t feel very comfortable wearing it. It took me quite a while to incorporate it into my makeup routine, because like with most colors you simply have to find the undertones that suits you. If you are interested in wearing pink i’d say start with a fuchsia shade lipstick, it works on pretty much everyone. Or do the classic; a bright pink on the apple’s of the cheeks. If you want to wear a bold blush it’s way more wearable if you pair it with strong brows and a matching lip. It simply ties the look together.

In this blogpost i will swatch/list eight of my favorite pinks


  1. Isadora face sculptor strobing – Rose gold
  2. Makeup Geek eyeshadow – Anarchy
  3. Kicks baked blusher – Fashionista
  4. ABH eyeshadow – Love letter
  5. Too faced eyeshadow – Just peachy
  6. LH cosmetics Infinity palette – Pinwheel
  7. Viseart editorial brights
  8. Kat von D alchemist palette – Pink opal

IMG_3650Rose gold, Anarchy, Fashionista, Love letter

IMG_3654Just peachy, Pinwheel, Editorial brights, Pink opal


Squad goals


Amaal / Black girl magic

IMG_3738IMG_3747 (1)IMG_3733IMG_3729

Had the honor of doing Amaal’s makeup today! I knew I wanted a colorful turquoise eyeshadow and she knew she wanted a red lip, those two ideas turned out gorgeous together!

  • Base
  • (Foundation, concealed and powder from MAC. Amaal’s private collection)
  • Isadora face sculptor strobing – Rosé Gold
  • Isadora fluid highlighter – Cool glow
  • Kicks baked blusher – Honeymoon
  • Brows
  • H&M eyebrow pencil (Amaal filled them in herself)
  • Eyes
  • Visert editorial brights
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow – Half Baked
  • Rodial mascara
  • Lips
  • MAC lip pencil – Brick
  • Amaal’s private lipstick

My cult products

IMG_3477 (1)

I own a lot of beauty products, some better than others. Since i’ve had the opportunity to try so many different products i have found that there are some that i keep coming back to. In this blog post i’m going to list seven different products that i don’t want to be without


Kat Von D studded lipstick – Lolita

Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. This lipstick is my perfect MLBB color. I saw a weird youtube video were a woman claimed your perfect lipstick should be the same color as your nipples…. And well, with this lipstick i can confirm that theory works, hehe! Kat Von D has such a lovely line of both liquid and ordinary lipsticks in all the colors you can imagine, so head down to Sephora if you have the chance and find your prefect MLBB lipstick to!

MAC next to nothing pressed powder

My holy grail powder. MAC claims it’s got a whole new ”technology” but idgaf about how it’s made, i just know that it works! It does not show up on the skin, it simply leaves a subtle blurring veil that evens out beautifully AND it reflects light! For us glow-lovers this i the perfect powder. It comes as a solid powder which makes it travel-friendly and free from fall down and mess. I was surprised MAC managed to create something that i like since i often find their products too high coverage, cakey and matte. I’m happy i gave them a second chance.


Hurraw lip balm

There are thousand of lip balms out there but this one is actually so good that i have to put it on my list. Hurraw is a vegan and eco friendly hipster-brand that creates wonderful lip balms in various flavors. They all contain a lot of oil and nourishing ingredients, perfect for chapped and dry lips. The formula does make them tricky to use underneath a lipstick, but i use this every night and the balm just works wonders. It’s like an overnight treatment for your lips! It saved my lips last winter and i don’t want to be without it ever.

Lumene shaping brow wax

You see me mentioning it in blog posts over and over again. I have used this product since i started to wear makeup. I remember stealing it from my mothers bathroom cabinet when i was 12, carefully brushing it through my brows to keep them in place. Now, this is not a very light formula but rather a soft wax. It keeps the eyebrows in place all day and the color gives an illusion of fuller brows. The only downside is that it only comes in two colors, blonde and grey-brown. I wish they would expand the line because this is something i would like to use on all skin tones/colors.


Missha Time revolution the first treatment essence

”What the fuck is an essence” i thought to myself and quickly made the assumption that it was simply glorified water… Until i tried the Missha first treatment essence. This lovely essence plumps my skin like crazy and helps the rest of my skincare to work it’s magic. With a consistency quite similar to water, i pour some into my hands, distribute over my face and then carefully tap it in leaving my face plumped and radiant. I follow up with my ampoule, serum and night cream, but honestly this one works perfectly on it’s own. Sometimes i just pat in layer after layer finishing off with a sheet mask. The only downside is the bottle which is made in solid glass, therefor it’s not very travel friendly. But the frosted glass does look and feel luxurious…

Lumene Ultra sensitive moisturizing & calming day cream 

This is a products i’ve repurchased over and over, and i have no interest in trying another day cream. With a serum/oil underneath it’s the perfect finishing touch to my base routine, leaving my face soft, calm and non-greasy. I tend to easily get red, my sensitive skin can react to heat, sweat, stress etc but this one does the job and keeps my skin calm and happy. It’s also a nice budget product, so you don’t have to spend a fortune


Pixi Glow Tonic

A classic! Praised by pretty much everyone for it’s calming yet active abilities, Pixi Glow Tonic is a staple product of mine. I think i’m at my sixth bottle now and i’ve always got a backup. It contains 5% glycolic acid which smooths the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells, leaving a beautiful glow! The formula also contains aloe vera and witch hazel which makes it suitable for sensitive skin as well. Since i started using this a lot of the tiny ”bumps” on my face has disappeared and the pigmentation/scars from teenage acne/hormonal breakouts has faded tremendously!






Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette


Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup line is one of the most luxurious looking i know. When i was in London this spring i bought a bunch of stuff (still want more though) and among them was these two Luxury color-coded eyeshadow palettes. They contain four different colors each with a different purpose. We’ve got prime, enhance, smoke and pop which makes them easy to use even for beginners. Charlotte also offers many great tutorials on her youtube channel

IMG_3308The Vintage Vamp &  The Rebel

I bought two palettes. One called The Vintage Vamp, a palette filled with gorgeous burgundy themed shades and a golden pressed glitter. Perfect for a sultry smokey eye.  And the other called The Rebel, an emerald themed palette that’s just as beautiful to look at as it is on the eyes.  Perhaps not the best for beginners/people that rarely wear makeup but for us makeup lovers i definitely recommend it. You are going to love this lil bitch

IMG_3350The Rebel Prime, enhance, smoke, pop

I love the fact that this one has got a beautiful teal-ish blue as it’s smoke shade. This makes the palette a bit more diverse to use. The pop shade, a beautiful emerald green pressed glitter is lovely on it’s own but does need something to hold on to, like all glitters. When used on top of the other shadows it leaves a nice veil of shimmer, but does not go on in it’s full glory


The Vintage Vamp Prime, enhance, smoke, pop

This one is especially made for green eyes and the lovely girl at the Charlotte Tilbury flagship store helped me pick it out. I always get compliments whenever i wear this and my eyes definitely appear greener. The enhance shade is a not as pigmented as i would like it to be, but it’s still buildable so i’m fine with it. Also, the pop shade is actually really hard to work with. I apply it with my fingers but i find it hard to get it out of the pan. Like i said, these are more like pressed glitters and that can be quite difficult. Since these are quite expensive the quality of the enhance and pop shadows felt like a bummer, but it’s a lovely palette nevertheless

Sadly Charlotte Tilbury does not shop world wide, but the next time i go to London i’ll definitely visit her store again and buy another palette. Would you guys like to see some other products from Charlotte, or do you perhaps own something from her yourself?


Lana Del Rey


Tonight i’m going to see Lana Del Rey so i decided to do a classic ”Lana-look”. A defined 60’s crease, strong liner, luscious locks and of the classical flower crown.

Here are my top 10 Lana songs.

Summer Bummer (feat A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti) / This song is just so cool, the mix of genres are crazy and truly Lana

National Anthem / I listened to this on repeat when i had just met my boyfriend. I remember being so in love that my knees where actually shaking and i felt dizzy all the time. This song was perfect)

High by the beach / My ultimate ”no fuck’s given” song

Music to watch boys to / This music video is pure gold, just like the song. It’s so playful and really captures the glamorized California spirit i feel Lana often has in her songs. I mean her naming the track ”Music to watch boys to”, yaaas bitch!

Video Games / A true classic, i mean your can’t not love it. Nuff said’

Brooklyn Baby / I listen to this when i want to feel like a cool 70’s babe. The simple guitar paired with her voice was quite unusual to hear at first but i dig it. Always on my summer playlists

Art Deco / Apparently she wrote this song for Azalea Banks.”Club queen on the downtown scene, prowling around at night. You’re not mean, you just want to be seen, want to be wild”. Followed by the refrain ”You’re so Art Deco, out on the floor, shining like gun metal, cold and unsure. Baby, you’re so ghetto, you’re looking to score. When they all say hello you try to ignore them ‘cause you want more”. I really like this part of Lana, not afraid to mix her sultry slow tunes with a nice trap beat.

Love / Brb crying. Seriously though, in a recent interview she explained that her latest album was for her fans. And this song is so beautiful, embracing the simple things in life. I think a lot of us 90’s kids can relate to this song, the big world, social media and pressure can tear us down, but it’s okay if you’re in love. It’s okay to feel like you’re not enough

You get ready you get all dressed up to go nowhere in particular. Back to work or the coffeeshop, doesn’t matter because it’s enough to be young and in love”

Lust for life (feat The Weekend) / Yeah i know, som people feel this is just another pop song but i can’t help but love it. Though in my opinion The Weeknd is truly the star on this track with his amazing voice. When he sings take of your all your clothes in that sexy voice i’m like MY BODY IS READY

Tomorrow never came (feat Sean Ono Lennon) / Brb crying (again). The 60’s tunes, Sean’s voice and all the references to famous 60’s songs/expressions, everything about this track is just so sentimental and sweet. 

”I could keep waitin’ for you, in the spot we always wait. In the city, on the park bench, in the summer, in the pourin’ rain. Honey, don’t ignore me i just wanted it to be the same. You said you’d love me like no tomorrowI guess tomorrow never came”

Guide to glowing, dewy skin

The question i get asked the most makeup wise is how to get natural glowing skin. The highlighter hype has been crazy the past couple of years, but a highlighter can’t fake the glow, at least not on it’s own (and it tends to look a bit misplaced if the rest of your makeup is matte and quite heavy). Glowing skin requires prepping and a ”less is more” attitude. There are many ways to do your base-makeup and you just have to find what you prefer, but if you feel like a dewy, natural skin might work on you here is my guide!

All of the photos are un-edited and shot in natural daylight


My face with no makeup for reference


In order for your makeup to look good you need to prep your skin. Dry patches and gloominess are going to ruin this look. Make sure you exfoliate your skin either with different acids (Glycolic acid, Salisylic acid, retinol etc) or a scrub. And moisturize, for christ’s sake give your skin some love and use a serum, nice oils or just a simple day cream. No matter your budget you should be able to find something to give your skin moisture (oily skin needs moisture to, believe it or not)

When the prepping is done your can use a primer (optional) this helps your makeup to stay on longer but can also smooth out uneven skin. The greatest primer ever made is from Lumene, their moisturizing & illuminating primer hold your skin in place and gives an instant healthy dewy glow.



For best result, avoid a foundation with high coverage. A nice foundation should even out your skin tone, then spots and stubborn redness will be concealed with a concealer. For glowing skin, here’s my best tip: Use a liquid/cream highlighter and mix with your foundation. On this photo i’ve used the light coverage Glow foundation from Lumene. As your can see it lets my skin’s texture show but does even out my skin nicely. This makes the look so much more natural and healthy




Now concealer. Use a small amount underneath your eyes, no need for that triangle shape beauty gurus claim to work, you’ll just waste product! Take a small brush/or finger and spot conceal your bumps and spots. If your smear concealer over larger areas you’ll easily end up looking cake, and that is a no no for this look. Less is more. We are taught that skin is supposed to be flawless, but that is simply not the truth. We all have texture in our skin, and that is beautiful! Skin is skin, and we all have pores, spots and peach fuzz, embrace it!! The makeup used in photoshoots or on TV is really high coverage so it cn withstand the bright flashes from cameras and i can assure you that it looks crazy in natural daylight. And even if the model were to have spots it’s easily photoshopped



In order to keep the glow you don’t need to much powder. It’s rarely necessary to apply a thick layer all over your face on a daily basis. Because like i said, heavy coverage and baking is useful when infront of a camera, but not in natural daylight. Powder the t-zone and a bit under your eyes so the concealer stays in place. My favorite powder is from MAC and is called Next to nothing. If your get shiny throughout the day use a blotting paper/tissue and lightly press to soak up the exess oil.

In the photo above i’ve also applied a peachy blush and soft contour


Highlighter and mist

Duh… I like to use a liquid/cream highlighter for the most natural result, but you can apply that and use a powder highlighter on top for that extra shine.

And then last but not least, help you makeup melt together and get rid off possible powderss by using a mist. There are a thousand different ones out there so i’m sure you’ll find one to fit your skin and wallet. Since i discovered the sweet magic of mists my whole makeup game has gone up. It’s awesome, get one

IMG_2733 (1)

DONE! Now you are a glowing godess

My fave products to achieve this look:

IMG_2912Lumene glow foundation / Lumene moisturizing & illuminating primer


Season 7 of Game of Thrones is so amazing!! Seeing all these amazing costumes, makeup and special effects has made me really inspired. I decided to pay some tribute to the north’s own wildlings, so…. IMG_2823IMG_2811

….I brought out my inner viking!

The pattern i’ve drawn on my forehead is called Vegvísir (Swedes probably understand the word!) which can be translated to ”way-finder”, acting as a sort of compass. Apparently, the vikings used blood to draw this on their foreheads if they ever got lost. The vegvísir then helped them find the way to their destination.

Fun fact: Icelandic singer Björk has a vegvísir sign tattooed on her upper arm!


The vikings were not very recognized as a big part of the scandinavian/nordic heritage until the late 1900’s. In 1809 Sweden lost Finland and our once big realm came to an ending. As a result, the Swedes got a massive identity crisis, who are we now?? In order to find some sort of identity (hopefully one that was kind of badass since we felt pretty embarrased to be a small ass country again) we started to learn about the north’s history. When we the national romantic movement began the vikings really blew up as a topic. The vikings raw and pagan way of living seemed exciting and many ”fan-clubs” were formed.


To me it all seems rather silly. Sure, the vikings lived here but most of the time throughout history Sweden has been a quite poor country filled with farmers.  The glamorization of the vikings should stop, the north’s had better things to offer throughout history to be proud of. But with that said, i still have to admit this makeup look made me feel pretty badass!

  • Base
  • Lumene longwear blur foundation – Light ivory
  • LH Cosmetics Infinity palette – Cigar
  • Vegvísir 
  • MAC lip pencil – Brick
  • ABH Modern renaissance – Red ochre, Love letter
  • Kat von D shade and light eyeshadow palette – Shax, Solas
  • Lips
  • Mac lip pencil – Brick
  • Brows
  • ABH dipbrow pomade – Taupe
  • Lumene shaping brow wax – grey brown

How i’m feeling: